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1. Prime Time Theater | Every three weeks a new segment of "Gutes Wedding, schlechtes Wedding" (Good Wedding, Bad Wedding) runs and transports the audience into a world of Döner-eating taxi drivers, mullet-sporting mailmen, and local tramps. Worth seeing social study | Müllerstraße 163b |

2. US-Military-Shop | Whether it’s SWAT drill shoes, camouflage vests or "British police helmets," at Sylvia and Mike's store you can find all you need for feeling safe in neighborhoods of ill repute | Müllerstraße 159a |

3. Hausbrauerei Eschenbräu | The nice small business promises unfiltered enjoyment for Berlin.
Seasonal beers are served in the pleasant garden or comfy basement | Triftstr. 67 |

4. Beuth Hochschule für Technik | In 1826 the school’s namesake smuggled the most modern machines from England into Berlin in order to teach his students the high tech of the times – every start is tough. Since then new developments have been made here, successful ones at that | Corner of Luxemburger and Genter Straße |

5. Bei Ernst | Jam sessions, open mics, and bingo – the night owl program lives up to its self-titled name of the "cultural oasis in Berlin-Wedding." Friendly bar with local crowd | Sprengelstraße 15 |

6. Wedding Art | Gallery and studio for contemporary art in Berlin-Mitte. "Rent-a-wall" – here you can affordably rent a section of a wall and show your own work | Tegeler Str. 40 |

7. auszeit | Lounge atmosphere in green and beige – the design cafe is also a restaurant and bar. Very nice location near the Nordufer | Kiautschoustraße 12a |

8. Nettelbeckplatz | Only a few meters from the Ringbahn station and already smack in the middle of the vibrant life of the neighborhood. Near the fountain "Dance on the Volcano" a wonderful view of authentic Wedding reveals itself | Eastern exit of Wedding station

9. Krematorium Wedding | Up until 2002 local patriotic Weddingers could be cremated here near their homes. The overgrown urn cemetery is also an inviting location for the living | Gerichtstraße 37/38

10. Pharmacampus | Pharmaceutical industry district with parks and promenades | Müllerstraße 170-171

11. Pankeweg | Along the little river Panke a path leads through small parks, past old factory yards and overgrown ruins. This path gives proof: "Big city romanticism" is no empty statement | Walter-Nicklitz-Promenade

12. Stadtbad Wedding | Art, not water, fills the pools. Exhibitions take place in this closed swimming pool. On the façade is the largest tape art painting in the world | Gerichtstraße 65-69 |

13. Kunst in den Gerichtshöfen e.V. | One of the largest art quarters in Germany, the studios present the whole nine yards of contemporary art: photography, painting, graphic design, sculpture, ceramics, textile objects, light installations and video art | Gerichtstraße 12/13 |

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