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1. Ringbahn-Brücke | The pedestrian overpass runs alongside the tracks, crossing over the Spree into Charlottenburg’s Schlosspark. Stairways are on both sides of Tegeler Weg | Tegeler Weg, corner of Olberstraße

2. Charlottenburg Schlossgarten | Regal strolls between carp ponds and pheasant meadows. This extremely beautiful location offers an appealing mix of Baroque form and country park |

3. Bar Spree-Eck | Traditional ‘80s comfort paired with roast pork, smoked pork, and ham & eggs. Berlin’s Borussia Mönchengladbach soccer team fan club has their home here. When they score, expect to get a shot of Korn on the house | Tegeler Weg 24

4. Berliner Landgericht | Justitia resides in a building with the architectural standards of a Roman emperor's palace. In 1968 the "Battle at Tegeler Way" broke out in front of the building. As a result, a new helmet model was made for Berlin's police | Tegeler Weg 17-21

5. Gustav-Adolf-Kirche | The old Swedish king sends his regards – his commitment to Protestantism in the 30 Year War is still honored today. Concerts worth attending take place in the extravagant church, built from 1932-34 by Otto Bartning | Henschelstraße 14 |

6. Antiques Mile | Beautiful old shelves, sofas, armchairs and chairs stand on the curb and radiate a dignified living room ambience in spite of the street traffic. Several similar stores are lined up next to each other | Tegeler Weg 102-107

7. Goerdeler Steg | A pedestrian bridge in urban nowhere; big enough to funnel fans into a soccer stadium. Breathtaking view over the Westhafen Canal, A 100 freeway, and a sea of garden plots | End of Lise-Meitner-Straße

8. Laubenpieper | "Come and wander through the garden plot colony," reads the welcoming invitation on the large trail maps at the entrance located next to the city freeway. Thankfully this orientation tool pops up frequently in the green labyrinth | Southern end of Sandweg at Heckerdamm 203

9. Katholische Gedenkkirche Maria Regina Martyrum | A fascinating modern building ensemble that functions as a memorial for Third Reich victims murdered at Plötzensee. The cloister shop has mystical and spiritual items for sale | Heckerdamm 232 |

10. Paul Herz Siedlung | Constructed 1960-1965 after the building principles of the "spacious city." A bust of Paul Hertz commemorates the SPD politician, who engaged himself along with Ernst Reuter for the rebuilding of West Berlin. A large mosaic illustrates the plan of the settlement | Heckerdamm Ecke Bernhard-Lichtenberg-Straße

11. Volkspark Jungfernheide | The biggest park in Berlin after Tiergarten entices with old trees, an extremely beautiful and swimable lake, and wild boars in the bushes | Heckerdamm Ecke A 111

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