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1. Schalt- und Gleichrichterwerk Halensee | A preserved example of Brademann's expressive as well as rational 1928 brick architecture – can also be seen from the regional and intercity train lines | Halenseestraße/ Bornstedter Straße | www.laufwerk-b.de/elektropolis

2. Hotel und Restaurant Avus | "The hotel for your own personal pit stop," in the building that used to house the old racing track’s offices | BAB 115, Ausfahrt Messedamm | www.avus-motel.de

3. AVUS (Automobil-Verkehrs- und Übungs-Straße) | Next to the round tower are the bleachers as well as the north curve of the first landmark-protected motorway in Europe; all looking run-down | Nordschleife | www.kunstraum-avus.de

4. Stadtbahn | Admittedly, the famed line between Westkreuz and Ostkreuz does have a bit to offer | Unterer Bahnsteig | www.stadtschnellbahn-berlin.de/strecken

5. Berliner Messegelände | Despite the presence of one of the largest congress centers in the world and the Eiffel Tower-ersatz, the Funkturm, the choice of other stations also makes a visit to the conference grounds worthwhile | Messedamm 22 | www.messe-berlin.de

6. Friedhof Grunewald | The small "island of the dead,” one of the oddest and most beautiful cemeteries in Berlin | Bornstedter Straße | www.gbbb-berlin.com/lankwitz/borni

7. Villenkolonie Grunewald | For those who don’t want to travel (or walk through) the grating vicinity of the Westkreuz station, the Halensee station is also a good point of departure | Königsallee | www.berlin-magazin.info/grunewald

8. Club Artemis | Westkreuz is scraggy, but sexy | Halenseestraße 32-36 | www.fkk-artemis.de

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