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1. Conditorei & Café Jebens | Traditional family-style pastry shop since 1769. Today, coffee culture on the highest level – directly at the S-Bahn station | Hohenzollerndamm 47a | www.conditorei-jebens.de

2. Sportpark Wilmersdorf | Above the central and at present largely re-natured (there’s a vineyard) stadium rotunda, the Sport-Casino of the time-honored Berlin Sport Association 1892 has its home | Forckenbeckstraße 14 | www.sportcasino-bsv92.de

3. Horst-Dohm-Eisstadion | Next to an ice skating rink, the facilities also include an Olympic-sized speed skating rink. Open year round – in summer for roller blading/skating | Fritz-Wildung-Straße 9 | www.horst-dohm-eisstadion.de

4. Stadtbad Wilmersdorf II und Sommerbad | The municipal provision of swimming pools took on an ever-growing importance in postwar Germany | Fritz-Wildung-Straße 7a | www.scposeidon.de

5. Christi-Auferstehungs-Kathedrale | The Russian Orthodox basilica is today the seat of the bishop for central Europe | Hohenzollerndamm 166 | www.rokmp.de

6. Ahmadiyya Moschee | The oldest Islamic mosque in Germany can only be run sporadically by its small congregation, whose origins go back to Pakistan | Brienner Straße 7/8 | www.muslim.org

7. Dänische Kirche | A Danish congregation has been in Berlin since 1912. Since 1967 its religious center (with housing for students) lies next to the Wilmersdorf Mosque | Brienner Straße 12 | www.christianskirken.de

8. Verwaltungszentrum | Hans Scharoun and Emil Fahrenkamp are some of the architects that built on and around the square | Fehrbelliner Platz | www.berlin.de/ba-charlottenburg-wilmersdorf/bezirk/lexikon/fehrbelliner-platz

9. Fußgängerbrücke "Hoher Bogen" (Pedestrian Bridge "High Arc")| The name is self-explanatory: since 1974 the bridge reaches over the Ringbahn and city freeway and connects the sport center and park | Rudolstädter Straße

10. „Die kleine Weltlaterne“ | Gallery, literature café, and jazz bar mingled into one – since 1961 family-owned and full of illustrious personalities | Nestorstraße 22 | www.diekleineweltlaterne.de

11. Friedhof Wilmersdorf | This historical landmark goes back to the 1880s – the crematorium was built in 1922, the moorish-gothic columbarium in 1929 | Berliner Straße 105 |

12. Hohenzollern | The fall has not been hard; the history of the dynasty isn’t over yet | www.preussen.de

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