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1. Cosima-Filmtheater | Friedenau's last cinema, a small art house theater from 1942 on Varziner Platz and sister cinema of the even older Bundesplatzstudio | Sieglindestraße 10 | www.kinokompendium.de/bundesplatz

2. Friedenauer Kammerkonzerte | Chamber concerts with historic instruments, enabled since 1986 through private funding. But without the continuing partnership of the Universität der Künste, this is an endangered institution | Isoldestraße 9 | www.freenet-homepage.de/friedenauer

3. buerobeyrow | Modern corporate design and creative conceptions are thought up across the street from a Waldorf kindergarten | Sieglindestraße 3 | www.buerobeyrow.de

4. Trollinge | "Loving, beautiful and useful products for a child's day-to-day life. Distinct – just like our kids!" | Varziner Straße 5 | www.trollinge.de

5. Schwedenmarkt | You can't get groceries more exotic than fermented skate and roast bear – even in Kreuzberg | Bundesallee 139 | www.swedishgourmet.se/deutsch

6. Kirche Zum guten Hirten | The urban center of the "Carstenn Figure." Incidentally, the church council member is Dr. Vicco von Bülow | Friedrich-Wilhelm-Platz | www.vvbuelow.de

7. Lifelines | These days in Friedenau importance isn’t only attached to language; this business has natural items for babies and children | Niedstraße 22 | www.lifelines-berlin.de

8. Antiquariat für Literatur | Since 1995, Michael Lehr and Jürgen Schomaker share a second-hand shop for literature and art at a prestigious location | Niedstraße 24 | www.antiquariat-lehr.de

9. cremer + cremer | Distinct living ideas, since taste and aesthetics within one's own four walls is no petty issue | Handjerystraße 82 | www.cremerundcremer.com

10. Der Zauberberg | The Ukrainian owner wants to give each book a chance, and emerge from the long shadows of Wolff's Bücherei | Bundesallee 133 | www.der-zauberberg.eu

11. House of the Comedian Harmonists | A plaque is dedicated to their creation | Stubenrauchstraße 47 | www.comedian-harmonists.de

12. Café Engelmann-Tarabichi | Here cuisine, kid and culture merge into a livable unity – right? | Wiesbadener Straße 6 | www.engelmann-tarabichi.de

13. Künstler-Friedhof Friedenau | Along with Dietrich's and Newton's memorials many gravestones can also be traced back to the nearby artist colony around Barnay-Platz | Stubenrauchstraße 43-45 | http://w3.berlin-friedenau.com/front_content.php?idcat=64&idart=476

14. Känguruh-Film | The makers (at the 2009 Berlinale, finally) of the noteworthy documentary "Berlin – Ecke Bundesplatz" also work in the neighborhood | Weimarische Straße 6a | www.kaenguruh-film.de

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