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1. Stammbahn | Prussia’s oldest railway line has gone through a variety of changes in its over-170–year-long history | Lower platform’s closed-off tracks |

2. Südringspitzkehre | Pure S-Bahn history on display in the triangle between Torgauer Straße, Cheruskerstraße and the Gasometer |

3. Rote Insel | Earlier called Sedan-Viertel (Sedanstraße being the former name of Leberstraße), the Rote Insel (“Red Island”) in Berlin is still an in-use expression and identification point | Leberstraße |

4. EUREF | The "European Energy Forum" seems less concerned with upholding its name than accumulating power and influence ... a strategy that is not helping it win friends | Torgauer Straße 12-15 |

5. Ev. Königin-Luise-Gedächtniskirche | Out of the ordinary church with a striking 1912 cupola, and the urban center of the "Island" | Gustav-Müller-Platz |

6. Alter Kirchhof der St.-Matthäus-Gemeinde | So many notables can’t be wrong when it comes to their last resting place. A wonderful spot in the metropolis | Großgörschenstraße 12-14 |

7. Denk Mal PositHIV | The association enables a dignified burial for those who died from AIDS and also provides a special place of remembrance | direct by the tombs of the Brothers Grimm |

8. Ehemaliger Militärbahnhof | Before WWI, the construction of the railway infrastructure was closely tied to the Prussian military, who stationed a railway regiment here, adding more tension to the "Island" | Kolonnenbrücke |

9. Marlene Dietrich's birthplace | A memorial plaque pays homage to perhaps the most famous Schöneberg native | Leberstraße 65 |

10. Hildegard Knef's residence | The Ulm-born star also kept "noch einen Koffer in Berlin” – here on the third floor, for instance | Leberstraße 68 |

11. Jansen Bar | Small and very fine cocktail bar, not what one might expect on the “Island" | Gotenstraße 71 |

12. Restaurant Pinelli | The Pinel-Gesellschaft ist a non-profit association with the aim of improving the situation of people suffering from mental illnesses ... with ensured work places that are meant to improve body as well as mind | Eberstraße 67 |


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