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1. Bahnhof Südkreuz | A clock tower in a parking garage - the last relict of the old railway building from 1901, which withstood National Socialism's megalomania, the iron curtain's standstill and the construction of the new Südkreuz after the fall of the Wall | S-Bahnhof Südkreuz, Suadicanistraße, Exit Parkhaus Süd

2. Club der Mittelalterlichen | A club that joyfully celebrates the Middle Ages | Thursdays from 6 pm | Suadicanistr. 3 | www.gkassube.de

3. Hildegard-Knef-Platz | Western forecourt of Südkreuz station | Berlin landscape architects Topotek 1 interwove the square's surfaces with bus stops and taxi stands and laid out a sycamore grove | Hildegard-Knef-Platz | www.topotek1.de/.../projects

4. Weingewölbe | A small winery in a building that once served as barracks | General-Pape-Straße 30 | www.weingewoelbe-berlin.de

5. Karunasom | Pacifism in practice: a Buddhist center and meditation institute in a former casern | General-Pape-Straße 30 | www.karunasom.de

6. Spez. Aal- und Fischräucherei Eleonore Krohnen | This family business has been smoking and selling fish since 1903 | General-Pape-Straße 52 | www.krohnenfisch.de

7. Schwerbelastungskörper | The load-testing structure weighs 12,650 tons and was built to measure the Berlin ground's carrying capacity for Albert Speer's planned buildings for Germania | General-Pape-Straße 60 | www.berliner-unterwelten.de/schwerbelastungskoerper

8. Gedenkstätte Papestraße | In 2011 a memorial will be opened in memory of the over 2,000 detainees of the former SA prison. Until then the Volkshochschule Tempelhof-Schöneberg and the Museen Tempelhof Schöneberg offer guided tours at irregular intervals  | Werner-Voß-Damm 54a | www.gedenkstaette-papestrasse.de

9. Gartenstadt "Neu-Tempelhof" | The parade and drill ground of the Prussian army was transformed into a garden city. The city's twin and row houses were supposed to be sold to war-damaged families who in fact could not afford the homes' high prices. Soon it became a colony for the middle classes. The garden city is also known as Fliegersiedlung with streets named after World War I air force pilots | Manfred-von-Richthofen-Straße | www.berlin.de/ba-tempelhof-schoeneberg/.../gartenstadt

10. Katholische Pfarrkirche St. Judas Thaddäus | A wonderful church built of pink decorative concrete and turquoise mosaics, preserved just as architect Reinhard Hofbauer designed the church in 1959 | Bäumerplan 23 | www.benedict-mueller-verlag.com/...

11. NSG Schöneberger Südgelände | The Südgelände (south terrain) was roused from its slumber after the fall of the iron curtain and, after a citizens' group's successful battle, put under natural preservation. The interplay between nature and decaying railroad relics, or industrialization and art, is wonderfully unique | Prellerweg 35 | www.stadtentwicklung.berlin.de/umwelt/.../naturpark_suedgelaende

12. Lokhalle | Today the former locomotive hall is a gallery and educational center for young people: educational opportunities and integration through culture, art, craft, and technics are the initiative's goals | Lokhalle Südgelände (next to the water tower) | www.bildungswerk-lokhalle.de

13. Denkmal für die gefallenen Mitarbeiter des RAW Tempelhof (Memorial for the fallen employees of RAW (state railroad repair station) Tempelhof) in the IKEA parking lot | The contrast between the many-laned and heavily driven Sachsendamm, the temple to Billy shelves and the typical IKEA families in their practical station wagons, and the memorial, almost devoured by the asphalt of the parking lot, is too bizarre not to visit | IKEA | Sachsendamm 47 | www.berliner-unterwelten.de/tour-s

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