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1. Tempelhofer Feld | Here are the grounds of the former airport where a lot has gone on, and still will, besides aviation | Platz der Luftbrücke |

2. Tempelhofer Hafen | Recently brought back to life harbor facility with Berlin's first waterside shopping center, across from another building put to diverse use (fashion center, offices, café, disco) – the Ullsteinhaus | Tempelhofer Damm 227 |

3. ufaFabrik | 30-year-old "international culture center" on the grounds of the former UFA-Film processing laboratories – hippie enclave or center of innovation? | Victoriastraße 10-18 |

4. BFC Germania 1888 e.V. | Allegedly Germany's oldest soccer club, today a multicultural organization where parties as well as sports take place | Götzstraße 34 |

5. Straßenbahndepot | Beautiful expressionistic hall from the '20s, today however weakly groaning from its use as a supermarket and parking garage | Friedrich-Wilhelm Straße 17-19 |

6. Ufa-Ateliers | Since 1913, moving images were produced in Tempelhof and ultimately set to music, until the studio moved elsewhere | Oberlandstraße 26-35 |

7. Gartenstadt Neu-Tempelhof | Although WWI put a stop to its construction, this urban site with its English-style landscape planning is compelling even today. A historically conserved area, and after the closing of the airport a most likely even more attractive place to live | Adolf-Scheidt-Platz |

8. Franckepark mit Wildtiergehege | A lesser known but just as worth seeing historically conserved park, including rose garden and deer | Albrechtstraße / Theodor-Francke-Straße |

9. Stammhaus Pfennigs Feinkost | Produced since the '70s in Hannover (because of the Berlin Wall), but the brand and potato salad belong to Berlin since 1907 | Ringbahnstraße 22-30 |

10. „The Berg“ | Quo vadis, Tempelhof? In St. Oberholz café in Mitte the first "Bergfest" has already taken place, complete with Almdudler, the classic Austrian flavored lemonade | Tempelhofer Feld |

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