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1. Langes Imbiss | What used to be just a cart on Hermannplatz is now its own popular stand with mouth-watering currywurst done the Neukölln way | Hermannstraße 105

2. Cosisuca | Cozy coffee house with fresh daily lunch specials, Sunday brunch, and easy chairs to lounge and read in | Nogatstraße 30 | www.cosisuca.de

3. Neuer Kirchhof der St.-Jacobi-Gemeinde | First opened in 1867 and now mostly emptied, this cemetery's oldest graves and crypts are at its south side, which shares a wall with the apartment buildings next door | Hermannstraße 99-105

4. Kirchhof V der Jerusalems- und Neuen Kirche | A small informative memorial for the WWII forced laborers was set up in 2002 at the entrance to this cemetery laid out in 1870, whose small church is now used by an orthodox Bulgarian congregation | Hermannstraße 84-90

5. Zauberkönig | Magic tricks, costumes, gags, and much more are available at this tradition-rich Berlin magic store | Hermannstraße 84-90 | www.zauberkoenig-berlin.de

6. Kirchhof der St.-Thomas-Gemeinde I | A padlocked cemetery from 1865, emptied of graves and bodies in 2007 and currently used for contemplative walks and gatherings by the locals; its enclosure and sycamore trees are under landmark preservation | Hermannstraße 79-83

7. Bike path | A walkway between the St.-Thomas-Gemeinde and Jerusalems- und Neuen Kirche cemeteries leads to a bike path that runs parallel to Tempelhof Airport | Oderstraße

8. Werner-Seelenbinder-Sportpark | This sportscenter has gone through a lot of changes since its original 1930 form; it was renamed in 2004 after a Neukölln-born Nazi-defying sports champion | Oderstraße 182

9. Therapiezentrum Alte Wäscherei | Old bricky laundry facility converted into a youth therapy center | Mariendorfer Weg 63/64

10. Tandir | Long lines and a crowded interior indicate the immense popularity of this Türkish food joint | Hermannstraße 157

11. Kirchhof der Emmausgemeinde | Built in 1888 and now under landmark status, this was the last cemetery built on Hermannstraße, and also the largest | Hermannstraße 129-137

12. Brauhaus Rixdorf  | Located in an old factory owner's villa, this brewery and restaurant makes old-fashioned Rixdorf beer | Glasower Straße 27 | www.brauhaus-rixdorf.de

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