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1. Konditorei Manske | Made-to-order cakes and pies with an outsider art flair | Brusendorfer Str. 11-12 | www.konditorei-manske.de

2. Schudomastraße | Exilien, Öbel Oore, Schnitzophren, Bauchhund Salonlabor – names of the storefront galleries and workshops/ateliers with installations, film screenings, weekly jazz concerts, and diverse happenings that populate this street | www.exilien.com, www.oebel-oore.com, www.schnitzophren.com, www.bauchhund.de

3. Café Excalibur | A quirky neighborhood bar hangout that hosts parties and card nights, with a nice biergarten for warmer months | Schudomastraße 32 | www.myspace.com/44excalibur

4. Esperantoplatz | Small square with informational plaque honoring the area's century-long link to the universal language Esperanto | Schudomastraße & Braunschweiger Straße

5. Der kleine Buddha | Organic store and small bistro, a largely uncommon sight in Neukölln around the Ringbahn, with occasional readings and performances | Mareschstraße 14 | www.derkleinebuddha.blogspot.com

6. B-Lage | Communal vegetarian dinners are held Wednesday evenings at this active neighborhood meeting point/café | Mareschstraße 1 | www.b-lage.de

7. K&K VolkArt | Since 2007, a hub of interdisciplinary multimedia performances, especially for Neukölln's youth population, and shares a building with Richardplatz Süd's cultural center | Böhmische Straße 46 | www.volkart.eu, www.kunstfiliale-richardplatz.de

8. Café Linus | Traditional but off-beat dive bar mostly untouched by the area's gallery explosion | Hertzbergstraße 32

9. Rise Berlin | International artist-run space and silk-screening studio with rotating group and solo shows | Hertzbergstraße 27 | www.riseberlin.com

10. Stern und Kreis Schiffahrt | In the biergarten in front of Hotel Estrel, a chance to hop on or off Berlin boat tours | Ziegrastraße

11. RAUM18 | An international young electro crowd visits this out-of-the-way club in a warehouse complex for live music, DJ sets, and dancing | Ziegrastraße 11 | www.raum18-berlin.com

12. Neukölln Harbor | The Schiffahrtskanal leads to this central location for Neukölln's industry, and a focal point of the city's plans for rehabilitation | Lahnstraße

13. Arbeitsamt | Neukölln's oft-discussed unemployment center, housed in a 1930's building by Leo Lottermoser | Sonnenallee 262/280

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