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1. Wohnsiedlung Fennpfuhl | Built in 1961, the first “type P2” pre-fab apartment complex served as GDR experiment and model, and today stands under landmark protection | Erich-Kuttner-Straße 9-15 | www.buergerverein-fennpfuhl.de

2. Zunfthalle | The old cattle auction hall is meant to be divided up and used for top notch purposes; almost as ambitious as the plans for the 2000 Olympics | August-Lindemann-Straße / Neue Welt | www.zunftviertel.de/alter_schlachthof

3. Hammelauktionshalle | The old auction hall’s steel skeleton was renovated with assistance from the German landmark protection foundation, making the new park around it an experience of spatiality | Hermann-Blankenstein-Park | www.denkmalschutz.de

4. Frischeparadies Lindemann | A gastronomic cornucopia (and an architecturally ambitious new delicatessen with bistro) | Hermann-Blankenstein-Straße 48 | www.frischeparadies.de

5. Sporthalle Hausburgviertel | Worth-seeing example of a successful and public reuse of a former cattle hall. | Hausburgstraße 20 | www.chestnutt-niess.de

6. Abenteuerspielplatz
| Not only adults have a zest for adventure. Since 1993, an establishment of open-minded hands-on work with children and adolescents (and currently in resistance to the privatization encroaching from all sides) | Forckenbeckplatz | www.forcki.de  

7. Nahversorgungszentrum | A sharp contrast to the discount shopping center at the Ringbahn station. Here is one of the neighborhood’s smart moves: retail stores in remodeled sheep stalls | Eldenaer Straße 34-36 | www.autofrei-wohnen.de/Berlin/EldProjekt

8. Samariterkirche | Center of the independent peace movement in the GDR and stronghold of the older neighborhood south of the slaughterhouse, located in the middle of the Bänschstraße promenade | Samariterstraße 27 | www.samariterkirche-berlin.de

9. Archiv Grünes Gedächtnis
| The archive of the Heinrich Böll Foundation collects diverse sources on the history of "new social movements" and its associated political party | Eldenaer Straße 35 | www.boell.de/stiftung/archiv

10. Sporthalle am Anton-Saefkow-Platz | Top-class sports away from the big arenas, and one of the home courts of Berlin's most successful female handball team | Anton-Saefkow-Platz 4 | www.spreefuexxe.de

11. Avila-Carré | Backing the current biggest construction project in the new neighborhood is no corporate giant, but rather Petruswerk – a Catholic housing and land settlement society | Thaerstraße / Otto-Ostrowski-Straße | www.avilacarre.de

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