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1. Lohrentz Eck | Remember the old days? This is what it was like: shaking hands with the owner who taps the beer himself. The homely beer tavern has been family-owned for decades | Greifswalder Straße 167 / On the corner of Grellstraße

2. Schwimmhalle Ernst-Thälmann-Park | Splash about in the GDR's last prestigious building project. The adjacent high-rises are also part of the praiseworthy park, of course | Lilli-Henoch-Straße 20

3. Ernst-Thälmann-Park | For three years after its inauguration, this prestigious residential project represented the ideal world of GDR dictatorship until the Wall fell. Supposedly the best the GDR could offer in terms of building houses, the project resembles an open-air museum today | Greifswalder Straße / Lilli-Henoch-Straße

4. Grüne Stadt | A National Socialist residential relict of old decor and scant interior, this ostensible "expression of decent construction ethos" fell far behind Weimar's previous standards | Between Greifswalder Straße and Kniprodestraße

5. Laelia | Homemade cakes and bagels for pocket change in this pastry shop and café | Greifswalder Str. 50 / On the corner of Bernhard-Lichtenberg-Straße | www.cafelaelia.de

6. Thälmann-Denkmal | Since no reputable east German artist took part in the bid for this monument in the last phase of the GDR, GDR officials turned to their reliable Soviet brother to help them out - the result is no surprise | Greifswalder Straße / John-Schehr-Straße

7. Wabe | Prenzlauer Berg's largest communal cultural center offering a concert hall, a movie theater, a meeting point, and room for innovative cultural projects | Danziger Straße 101 | www.wabe-berlin.de

8. Theater unterm Dach | The old factory building of Berlin's gas works is now a stage for free theater productions | Danziger Straße 101 | www.theateruntermdach-berlin.de

9. Willy Bresch | Traditional beer tavern. See real Berliners enjoy their bread and "Molle" (a glass of beer). The last bastion of Gemütlichkeit in the otherwise stylish restaurant scene | Danziger Straße 120 / On the corner of Greifswalder Straße

10. Bäckerei Kädtler | The third generation of this non-Jewish family business discovered that their products are kosher. With the help of a rabbi they refined their techniques and now offer certified kosher goods | Danziger Straße 135 | www.kaedtler.de

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