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1. Zeiss-Großplanetarium | GDR flagship project and Germany’s biggest planetarium | Prenzlauer Allee 80 |

2. Bürgeramt Prenzlauer Berg | At first the buildings housed the city hospital and quarantine on Prenzlauer Allee and the city asylum and shelter on Fröbelstraße. Later, the GDR Ministry of State Security used large parts of the complex | Fröbelstr. 17 |

3. Haus 3 | The Building has been furnished with art that remembers the tortures that took place in this NKVD cell in the postwar years | Fröbelstr. 17 |

4. Ausstellung "Prenzlauer, Ecke Fröbelstraße" | On the premises of the district’s administrative offices, an open-air exhibition recollects the buildings’ NKWD and Stasi past | Fröbelstr. 17 |

5. Ernst-Thälmann-Park | Residential community and city greenery for the socialist citizen | Prenzlauer Allee 80

6. Ella-Kay-Straße | The back courtyard of the Vivantes-Klinikum on Elle-Kay-Straße offers an expansive view over the Ernst-Thälmann-Park’s pre-fab apartment complex, built by the GDR on the occasion of Berlin’s 750th anniversary | Ella-Kay-Straße

7. Wohnstadt Carl Legien | Part of the residential development program of the Weimar Republic, today a cultural world heritage site showcasing Berlin modernism | Erich-Weinert-Strasse |

8. Vivantes-Klinikum Prenzlauer Berg | This former homeless shelter not only offers not a good view onto the Ernst-Thälmann-Park, but also contains a lovely hospital garden open to the public. In the past, the shelters accomodated 5,000 homeless Berliners a night | Fröbelstr. 15 |

9. Ausstellung Dunckerstr. | "Master carpenter Bruntzel builds an apartment building.“ The exhibition was curated by residents of a retirement home and is located in a turn-of-the-century apartment building furnished appropriate to its age | Dunckerstraße 77 |

10. Intersoup | Café, soup bar, and small concert venue. Amidst Thai flowery decorations, 1950s tables, and lamps from the old Café Krenzler, this is the preferred destination for sofa loungers | Schliemannstraße 31 |

11. Alois S. | Casual restaurant with standards. Good tapas, beer on tap, and long soccer broadcasts in the basement. The outdoor seating area is on a large children’s playground, practical for parents | Senefelder Straße 18 |

12. Wohnzimmer | Gave a name to a certain type of Berlin dining. A classic and central meeting place in the neighborhood | Lettestraße 6 |

13. eka | Artists, creative types, and all the rest hang around in this trashy-lite bar | Duckerstraße 9 |

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